Shower Pan

shower pan installation

shower pan installation

Shower pan photos

Old tile removed Sloped mud job with drain Flexible liner in place
Wire mesh over liner Wall tile starter
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The old shower pan leaked, and when the house was in escrow the previous owner was required to replace it — estimates came in around $1200.00, but what’s the point if we were simply going to rip it out to remodel the bathroom anyhow? We worked it out so that the new owners (us) could replace it instead.

How to install a new shower pan:
Step 1: Remove the old tile with hammer and chisel.

Step 2: Purchase a new drain with flange, riser, weep holes.

Step 3: Purchase PVC liner material and cement — it’s much more reliable than the old fashioned “hot mop” method, where the tile man calls his roofer buddy over to slop tar all over (in time, this cracks and leaks).

Step 4: Place sloped wood shims in shower floor to guide the mud application: should be 1/2 inch near drain, sloping radially up to about 3/4 inch near walls.

Step 5: Mix mortar, sand, and a bit of water to dryish consistency (should just clump in your hand when squeezed). Apply and pack.

Step 6: Next day, cut liner in rectangle, so that when it is installed, it will run up the shower walls at least 3 inches higher than the shower door threshold. Note that you are not supposed to cut into the corners — instead, think of it as wrapping a present: fold it into the corners so that it will hold water and tack it in place around the perimeter of the top using roofing staples.

Step 7: If you must have a seam, then use the cement with a 3 inch lap (read the label).

Step 8: Apply silicone sealant to the underside of the top drain flange and bolt it to the bottom drain flange, sandwiching the liner between. Should be waterproof. Place drain cap and water test the liner. It must hold water for at least 20 minutes to pass local inspection — better to test overnight.

Project Cost: $50.00

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