Half Bathroom Expansion

half bath after


Half Bath – Before     After

before: no tub Before After New tub and tile
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This dirty green half bath was cramped and outdated.  We expanded into a closet, moving the waterheater outside to make room for a new tub and shower.

Half Bath remodel photos

Expansion into closet Demolish wall Area for new bathtub New load bearing beam

Another load bearing beam Install bath tub plumbing drain Tile floor

Install wainscot molding Install sink curved shower rod light and vanity

Install toilet Towelbars and details
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We had to remove the load-bearing wall (left first photo above) and add beams over the new bath area.  Also, bought a slightly undersized (4 1/2 foot) Kohler tub to make this work — but it does not feel cramped, due to the curved shower rod.  Installed and painted wainscot to add interest to this still small but totally functional bathroom.

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